James Branch Cabell : An Illustrated Bibliography

THE ST. JOHNS: A Parade of Diversities

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Fifth Printing 1960















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Title page recto: THE ST. JOHNS | A PARADE OF DIVERSITIES | [in italic] by | BRANCH CABELL | and | A. J. HANNA | [illustration by Doris Lee] | [in italic] Illustrated by DORIS LEE | "And a voice heard from heaven said, Take | the little book which is open." |[in italic] ―The Revelation of St. John the Divine | RINEHART & COMPANY, INC. | [in italic] New York Toronto (see image above).

Title page verso: [in italic] First Printing, July 1943 | Second Printing, September, 1943 | Third Printing, March 1944 | Fourth Printing, May 1951 | Fifth Printing, April, 1960 |COPYRIGHT, 1943, BY JAMES BRANCH CABELL AND A. J. HANNA | PRINTED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (see image above).


New York: Rinehart & Company, Inc., April, 1960


Crown octavo [20.8 cm. (8 3/16 in.) x 14.1 cm. (5 9/16 in.)]; xii + 324 pp; (i) half-title; (ii)-(iii) list of titles in the Rivers of America series; (iv) series title page; (v) title page; (vi) publication data; (vii) dedication (verso blank); ix-x Contents; (xi) quotation (verso blank); (1) fly-title Part One; (2) illustration, The St. Johns River; 3-286 text; (287) fly-title, An Epilogue; (288) quotation; 289-303 text of Epilogue; 304-308 Acknowledgements at Large; 309-318 Bibliography; 319-324 Index. Pages (1), (157), and (287) are fly-titles.


Yellow cloth, black printed label on spine; lettering and decorations on spine in black and gilt, front cover in blind; all edges trimmed. Spine: [in black italic] The | Rivers of| America | [on black printed label, in gilt] [triple rule] THE | ST. JOHNS | [in italic] A Parade of | Diversities [triple rule] | [base of spine in black] RINEHART. Front cover: [Rivers of America device in blind] (see image above).

Series Title:

THE | RIVERS OF AMERICA | [in italic] Edited by | HERVEY ALLEN and CARL CARMER | [in italic] As Planned and Started by | CONSTANCE LINDSAY SKINNER | [illustration by Doris Lee] | [in italic] Associate Editor Art Editor | JEAN CRAWFORD BENJAMIN FEDER| [Rivers of America logo] (see image above).


[in italic] To the memory of | STEPHEN VINCENT BENÉT | [prose dedication in 6-lines] (see image above).


Cream paper printed in blue; each pair of endpapers is diced into 24 rectangles, with a line drawing by Doris Lee in each (see image above).

Dust jacket:

White paper, black lettering on flaps and rear panel. Spine and front panel lettered in blue, black and white; blue background at top and bottom with a line drawing illustration on yellow ground between (see image above).

Spine: [yellow text on blue ground] THE | ST. JOHNS | [in italic] A PARADE OF DIVERSITIES | BRANCH CABELL & | A. J. HANNA | [illustration in black, yellow ground, by Doris Lee] | [black italic on blue ground] RINEHART

Front panel: [on blue ground] [black italic] RIVERS OF AMERICA | [in white] THE ST. JOHNS | [yellow italic] A PARADE OF DIVERSITIES | [illustration in black, yellow ground, by Doris Lee] | [on blue ground] [in white] BRANCH CABELL & A. J. HANNA | [in yellow italic] ILLUSTRATED BY DORIS LEE

Rear panel: The | [in script] Rivers of America | [device] SERIES [device] | [ single line quotation from Newsweek] | [list of 52 titles in the Rivers of America series, in two columns] | RINEHART & COMPANY, INC. | 232 Madison Avenue New York 16, N. Y.

Front flap: [in italic] Fifth Printing $4.50 | [rule] | THE ST. JOHNS| [in italic] A PARADE OF DIVERSITIES | by | BRANCH CABELL | and | A. J. HANNA | [25-line blurb in two paragraphs] | [in italic] Illustrated by Doris Lee

Rear flap: Tributes to a Notable | Series | [3 quotations from reviews] | RINEHART & COMPANY, Inc. | | New York Toronto


This was the final printing of this title.