James Branch Cabell : An Illustrated Bibliography


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Full Title:

Title page recto: [decorative border on top and sides] [all enclosed in a double line box, that enclosed in a red single line box] [in red] Chivalry | [in black] By | James Branch Cabell | “And I, according to my copy, and | after the simple cunning that God hath | sent to me, have down set this in print, | to the intent that noble men may see and | learn the noble acts of chivalry.” | Illustrated | Harper device in red | New York and London | [in red] Harper & Brothers Publishers | [in black] 1909 (see image above).

Title page verso: [all enclosed in a single line box] Copyright 1909, by HARPER & BROTHERS. | [line] | [in italic] All rights reserved. | Published October, 1909 (see image above).


New York and London: Harper & Brothers.  Published October, 1909.


Demy 8vo [22.5 cm. (8 7/8 in.) x 14.5 cm. (5 ¾ in.)],  xii+223 with 12 tipped-in color plates.   Blank leaf followed by color frontispiece; (i) title page (see above); (ii) copyright page (see above);  (iii) dedication (verso blank); v-(vii), Precautional (verso blank); (ix) Contents (verso blank); (xi) list of Illustrations (verso blank); 1-224 text;  color plates facing pp. 14, 50, 64, 78, 102, 132, 148, 170, 186, 198, & 222; blank pages at 74, 144, 152, 194, 225-226.


Red cloth; with ornate green and white stamped decorations, and gilt lettering on spine and front cover. Top edge gilt, otherwise untrimmed. Spine: CHIVALRY | CABELL | HARPERS.  Front Cover: CHIVALRY | JAMES BRANCH CABELL (see image above). The design of the binding is uniform with the first state of Gallantry (1907).


Color plate by Howard Pyle with tissue-guard, subscribed ‘I sing of death’ (see image above).


To | Anne Branch Cabell| [device] | “ainsi à vous, madame, à ma très haulte et | très noble dame, à qui j’ayme à devoir | attachment et obéissance, | j’envoye ce livret.” | [device] (see image above).


Rose and white variegated paper (see image above).

Dust jacket / Box:

appleBook is wrapped in a printed glassine jacket reading:  CHIVALRY | By | JAMES BRANCH CABELL | Illustrated | Price, $2.00 net; all enclosed in an olive green gift box with a pasted-on color plate by Howard Pyle*. The words CHIVALRY | [in italic] by | JAMES BRANCH | CABELL frame the plate above and HARPER & BROTHERS NEW YORK frame it below (see images above).

*The Pyle plate used on the box lid originally appeared in the February, 1909 issue of Harper's Magazine, where it illustrated a story called " The Apple of Venus," by Marjorie Bowen. The original caption was The Precious Minutes Flew Past, But She Was Silent.



The frontispiece and eight of the color plates are by Howard Pyle; two are by William Hurd Lawrence; and one is by Elizabeth Shippen Green.