James Branch Cabell : An Illustrated Bibliography

CHIVALRY: Dizain des Reines

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Chiv-B1 (K)
First Printing, Revised Edition















Full Title:

Chivalry | Dizain des Reines || By | JAMES BRANCH CABELL | with an introduction by | BURTON RASCOE || [device] | “And I, according to my copy, and | after the simple cunning that God hath | sent to me, have down set this in print, | to the intent that noble men may see | and learn the noble acts of chivalry.” | [device]  (see image above).


Robert M. McBride & Company  New York  1921   “Revised and Enlarged Edition  Published October, 1921”  (see images above).


Crown 8vo [20 cm (7 7/8 in.) x 13.2 cm (5.2 in.)],  xvi +228.  (i) half title; (ii) Books by Mr, Cabell;  (iii) title page;  (iv) copyright page; (v) Dedication, verso blank;  vii-xiii Introduction by Burton Rascoe; (xiv) blank; xv Contents;  1-281 text;  fly-titles at 7, 13, 43, 71, 97, 125, 157, 183. 192, 219, 245, and 275; blank pages at 6. 70, 124, 156, 182, 192, 218, 274, and 282-88 (see images above).


Standard ‘Kalki’ binding: brick-brown textured cloth; top edge trimmed, other edges untrimmed; gilt lettering on spine:  Chivalry | [rule] | Cabell || McBride; Front cover: Kalki emblem (rearing horse in circle) in gilt on lower right (see image above).


To | Anne Branch Cabell| [device] | “ainsi a vous, madame, a ma très haulte et | très noble dame, a qui j’ayme a devoir | attachment et obéissance, | j’envoye ce livret.” | [device] (see image above).

Dust jacket:

Unillustrated cream-colored paper jacket with publisher’s blurbs and list of author’s books (see image above).


All printings of the revised edition have white endpapers and no frontispiece. According to Bruccoli, p. 29 there are at least two textual variants in this printing. On p. 57 “trod with me who” became “treading with me”; and on p. 89 “considered Edward” became “considered this Edward” in the second and third Kalki printings.