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SOMETHING ABOUT EVE: A Comedy of Fig-Leaves

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*Eve-E2 (w)
Ballantine/Del Rey Paperback Edition, Second Printing 1979















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Title page recto: Something | About Eve | [in italic] A Comedy of Fig-Leaves | James Branch Cabell | [in italic] Introduction by Lin Carter | [in italic] Illustrated by Frank C. Papé | [in italic] "I was afraid, becxause I was | naked; and I hid myself" | [publisher's device] | A Del Ray Book | BALLANTINE BOOKS • NEW YORK (see image above).

Title page verso: A Del Ray Book | Published by Ballantine Books | Copyright 1927, 1929 by James Branch Cabell | Copyright renewed, 1954 by James Branch Cabell | Introduction Copyright © 11971 by Lin Carter | All rights reserved under International and Pan-American | Copyright Conventions. Published in the United States by | Ballantine Books, a division of Random House, Inc., of | Canada, Limited, Toronto, Canada. | ISBN 0-345-28352-X | Manufactured in the United States of America | First Ballantine Books Edition: March 1971 | Second Printing: September 1979 | Cover art by Howard Koslow (see image above).


New York: Del Ray / Ballantine Books; September 1979


Trade paperback, [17.7 cm. (7-in.) x 10.5 cm. (4 3/16-in.)]; xxviii + 292; (i) blurb; (ii) list of books ; (iii) title page; (iv) publication data; (v) dedication (verso blank); (vii-xii) introduction The Fair-Haired Hoo, by Lin Carter; (xiii) illustration (verso blank); ((xv-xxi) Author's Note (verso blank); (xxiii-xxv) TABLE OF CONTENTS; (xxvi-xxvii) frontispiece; (xviii) The Argument of This Comedy; (1) half-title, PART ONE ; (2) quotation; 3-288 text; (289) illustration (verso blank); (291) advertisement (verso blank. Pp. (1); (27); (41); (63); (93); (127); (149); (172); (199); (225); (261); (273) are fly titles. Pp. (xiii); (xxvi-xxvii); 26; 53; 72; 116; 120; 125; 126; 132; 148; (175); 183; 193; 218; (226); 272; (289) are illustrations. Pp. (vi); (xiv); (xxii); (260); (290); (292) are blank.


Yellow paper, lower half is a wrap-around color painting by Howard Koslow, lettering in black, red, and grey (see image above).

Spine: [Del Ray device] | Fantasy | Classic | [lettered down in two lines, in red] SOMETHING | ABOUT EVE | [lettered down in two lines, in black] JAMES | BRANCH CABELL | [lettered down in black] 345-28352-x-225

Front panel: [in black] A HIGH-HEARTED QUEST FOR A NOBLE GOAL - | AND THE DIVERTING WITCHERY THAT ENLIVENED IT | [double rule in red] | [in grey decorative script] JAMES BRANCH | CABELL | [in a heavy ruled black box] SOMETHING | ABOUT EVE | [decorated rule in red]

Rear panel:[in red] THE ROYAL ROAD [in black, 8-line blurb about Somethng About Eve, in two paragraphs] | [in red] SOMETHING ABOUT EVE | [in black, 3-line blurb about the Chronicales ofPoictesme]


Following the introduction , a two page black and white reproduction of Peter Koch's 1929 Map of Poictesme, Hall G8.


To | ELLEN GLASGOW | — very naturally — this book which | commemorates the intelligence | of women (see image above).