James Branch Cabell : An Illustrated Bibliography

JURGEN: A Comedy of Justice


An Amateur Ghost & Some Ladies and Jurgen

argosysmart setIn keeping with his philosophy of literary economy, James Branch Cabell incorporated two previously published short stories into Jurgen. These were "An Amateur Ghost", originally published in The Argosy, February, 1902 [Brewer No. 61], and "Some Ladies and Jurgen", which first appeared in The Smart Set for July, 1918 [Brewer No. 245]. In the novel, chapter XVI, "Divers Imbroglios of King Smoit", and chapter XVII, "About a Cock that crowed too soon", were based on the earlier story. An Amateur Ghost has been previously reprinted at least twice: in Kalki, No. 7.4 (Whole No. 28), 1978; and in Phantasmagoria (Wildside Press, 2006), by Douglas Menville and Robert Reginald (available on the web HERE). It is presented here in its original incarnation, scanned from a copy of the 1902 magazine. We have not yet located an original copy of "Some Ladies and Jurgen". The copy presented here was scanned from The Smart Set Anthology, edited by Burton Rascoe and Groff Conklin, Hall B11. Click on the image at left to access the Adobe PDF file. You'll need to use your browser's back button to return to The Silver Stallion.