James Branch Cabell : An Illustrated Bibliography


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Title page recto: [all enclosed in an orange ornamental floral border] The Line of Love | by [enclosed in orange floral decoration] | James Branch Cabell | [orange floral decoration] | illustrated in color by | [orange floral decoration] | HOWARD PYLE | [orange floral decoration] | "Ludit amor sensus, oculos perstringit, et aufert | Libertatum animi, mira nos fascinat arte. | Credo aliquis dæmon subiens præcordia flammam | Concitat, et raptam tollit de cardine mentem" | [Harper's emblem enclosed in orange floral decoration] | NEW YORK AND LONDON | HARPER & BROTHERS | PUBLISHERS :: MCMV (see image above).

Title page verso: [all enclosed in a single line box] Copyright, 1905, by HARPER & BROTHERS. | [line] | [in italic] All rights reserved. | Published September, 1905 (see image above).


New York and London; Harper & Brothers; September, 1905


Demy octavo [22.7 cm. (9 in.) x 15.3 cm. (6 in.)], xi + 292 with 10 tipped-in color plates.

Blank recto, followed by color frontispiece on verso, with plain tissue guard; (i) title page; (ii) copyright page;  (iii) dedication (verso blank); (v) Contents (verso blank); (vii) Illustrations (verso blank); ix-(xii) Epistle Dedicatory; text (1)-(291); (292) blank. Pages (1), (43), (77), (117), (165), (207), and (251) are fly-titles. Pages (2), (44), (76), (78), (116), (118), (166), (208), (250, and (252) are blank.


Olive cloth; with white decorations of intertwined vines, leaves, and flowers on front and spine, lettering in gilt on front and spine. Gilt top, otherwise untrimmed. Front cover: [all enclosed in decorative border] The Line of Love | [onlaid illustration] | James Branch Cabell. Spine: The | Line | of | Love | [enclosed in decorative border] J. B. | Cabell | Harpers.

The onlaid painting is a detail from an illustration by Howard Pyle for "The Story of Adhelmar", and originally appeared in Harper's Magazine, April, 1904 (see image above).

The cloth used for the first state binding is very finely woven, and differs noticeably from the cloth types used in the later bindings (note: The Silver Stallion has not seen a copy in Hall's second state binding).


Painting by Howard Pyle of a jester in motley, playing a lute; subscribed " 'scant heed had we of the fleet, sweet hours' ". Protected by a plain glassine sheet (see image above). This illustration origInally appeared in the August, 1903, issue of Harpers Monthly Magazine, as an illustration for "The Castle of Content". It was there subscribed [in italic] "SMALL HEED HAD WE OF THE FLEET, SWEET HOURS".


[all enclosed in an orange ornamental floral border] TO | Robert Gamble Cabell | (1809-1889) | "He loved chivalrye, | Trouthe and honour, fredom and curteisye, | And of his port as meek as is a mayde, | He never yet no vilein ne said | In al his lyf, unto no maner wight | He was a verray parfit gentil knyght" (see image above).


Orange floral design on upper left and lower right corners of each page, on a cream background (see image above).

Dust jacket / Box:

Glassine jacket printed on front panel only:  [all enclosed in a single line box] The Line of Love| [in italic] by | JAMES BRANCH CABELL | Price, $2.00 net | [LINE] | HARPER & BROTHERS, PUBLISHERS, N. Y.

Enclosed in a red gift box with a pasted-on label printed in green: [all enclosed in double line border printed in green] The | Line of Love | [in italic] [line]by[line] | James Branch Cabell | device | Illustrated | in color | by | HOWARD PYLE | [line] | Harper & Brothers | Publishers (see images above).


Preliminary pages, fly-titles, and all pages of text are enclosed in orange ornamental floral borders.