James Branch Cabell : An Illustrated Bibliography

THE SILVER STALLION: A Comedy of Redemption

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First Printing, Limited Edition 1926















Full Title:

Title recto: The Silver Stallion | [in decorative italic] A Comedy of Redemption | by | JAMES BRANCH CABELL | [Kalki device] | [in italic] "Now, the redemption which we as yet | await (continued Imlac) will be that of | Kalki, who will come as a Silver Stallion: | all evils and every sort of folly will perish at | the coming of this Kalki: true righteousness | will be restored, and the minds of men will | be made clear as crystal." | [in decorative italic] Robert M. McBride & Company | NEW YORK MCMXXVI (see image above).

Title verso: COPYRIGHT, 1926, BY JAMES BRANCH CABELL | FIRST PUBLISHED, 1926 | [in italic] First Edition | PRINTED IN THE U. S. A. BY | GUINN & BODEN COMPANY, INC. | RAHWAY, N. J. (see image above).


New York: Robert M. McBride & Co., 1926.


Medium octavo [24.1 cm. (9½ in.) x 17.1 cm. (6¾ in.)]; pp. xiv+360 (Note: leading blank leaf and the limitation leaf are not counted in collation); blank leaf; limitation leaf; (i) half-title; (ii) [all enclosed in a single ruled box] BOOKS by MR. CABELL; (iii) title page; (iv) publication data; (v) dedication; (vi) Note as to the text of The Silver Stallion; vii-viii THE LORDS THAT POICTESME HAD IN DOM MANUEL'S TIME; ix-xii Contents; (xiii) Introductory Note (verso blank); text pp. (1)-354; pp. 355-358 Compendium of Leading Historical Events; last leaf blank; pp. (i), (25), (59), (95), (131), (169), (205), (245), (281), and (315) are fly-titles; pp. (24), (26), (60), (94), (96), (132), (169), (170), (206), (244), (246), (282) and (316) are blank.


Black cloth: silver lettering and decorations on front cover and spine, top edge trimmed and stained red, else untrimmed. Spine: THE | SILVER STALLION | [fleur de lis device] | James | Branch | Cabell | MC BRIDE. Front cover: THE | SILVER STALLION | [heraldic decoration of Kalki in a shield, with scrolled motto below reading "MUNDUS VULT DECIPI", by Frank Papé] | James Branch Cabell (see image above).


TO | CARL VAN DOREN | [12 line acrostic verse in three stanzas. Last stanza in italic] (see image above).


THIS LARGE PAPER EDITION OF THE SILVER | STALLION CONSISTS OF EIGHT HUNDRED FIFTY | SIGNED AND NUMBERED COPIES, OF WHICH | EIGHT HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE ARE FOR SALE | [signed by the author in black] | [in italic] This is copy number | [hand written in red] 628 (see image above).


A monochrome version of the Frank Papé map of Poictesme. This is the the first publication of this map, which was also used for endpapers for the American and English illustrated editions (SS-D1 (P) and SS-E1 (P)). This map was also issued separately as a broadside (Hall G2) (see image above).

Dust jacket / Slipcase:

Issued in an unmarked tissue dust jacket and a lightweight cardboard slipcase covered with black paper. The slipcase is unmarked except for the copy number handwritten in silver ink at the base of the spine (see image above).


The silver ink used on this binding is notorious for flaking off. In more than forty years of collecting Cabell, this writer (Thorne) has never seen a copy without some loss.