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James Branch Cabell : An Illustrated Bibliography

SONNETS FROM ANTAN, with an editorial Note by James Branch Cabell

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Specimen Leaf:

page1A bibliographic curiosity only. A specimen leaf folded to make four unnumbered pages. Page [i] contains The Sonnet made for Nero & Villon, page [ii] blank, page [iii] contains the first page of Notes to the Sonnet made for Maya, page [iv] the remaining page of Notes to the Sonnet made for Maya. The entire item is provided here as a PDF, as usual you'll need to use your browser's BACK button to return to The Silver Stallion after accessing it.





Sonnets from Antan was reprinted in The Storisende Edition, bound into Volume XVIII along with Townsend of Lichfield (ToL-A1, 1930).

An unnumbered, out-of-series copy has been noted with two different colophons, one as usual and the second with minor textual variations.