James Branch Cabell : An Illustrated Bibliography

TABOO, a Legend retold from the Dirghic of Savius Nicanor, with a Prologomena, Notes, and a Preliminary Memoir

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Tab-A1 (K)
First Printing 1921








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Full Title:

Title page recto: [all enclosed in red ruled box] [in italic] TABOO | A Legend Retold from the Dirghic of Savius | Nicanor, with Prolegomena, Notes, | and a Preliminary Memoir | By | James Branch Cabell | [rule in red] | [in italic] At melius fuerat non scribere, namque tacere | Tutum semper erit. [rule in red] NEW YORK | ROBERT M. McBRIDE & COMPANY | 1921 (see image above).

Title page verso: Copyright, 1921, by | JAMES BRANCH CABELL | [rule] | Revised and reprinted by permission of the | Editors, from THE LITERARY REVIEW (see image above).


New York; March, 1921 (per Brussel)


Thin demy octavo [ cm. (8 ⅜ in.) x cm. (5 ½ in.)]; pp. 40 (first 10 unnumbered). P. (1) half title (verso blank); (3) limitation; (4) Books by Mr. Cabell; (5) title page; (6) publication data; (7) Contents (verso blank); (9) fly title; (10) [four lines of verse]; (11-13) text of Dedication; (14) Bibliographic notes on The Mulberry Grove; (15) fly title; (16) [four lines of verse]; 17-18 Memoir of Sævius Nicanor; (19) fly title, (20) [two lines of verse];21-22 text of The Prolegomena; 25-38 text; 39 Colophon; 40 A Postscript.


Red brown cloth, all edges untrimmed, gilt lettering and decorations on cover and spine. Spine: [lettered vertically down] TABOO - CABELL. Front cover: [Kalki device in lower right hand corner] (see image above).


P. (9) half-title [rule] THE DEDICATION | [in italic] Laudataque virtus crescit | [rule]; p. (10) [rule] | "Buttons, a farthing a pair! | Come, who could buy them of me? | They're round and sound and pretty, | And fit for girls of the city." | [rule] (verso blank); p. 11 TO | JOHN S. SUMNER | [in italic] (Agent of the New York Society for the | Suppression of Vice) | [pp. 11-13 dedication follows] (see images above).


[in italic] This edition is limited to nine hundred and | twenty numbered copies, of which one hun- | dred copies have been signed by the author. | Copy Number ............. (480 hand written in red) (see image above).

Dust jacket:

This dust jacket is a visual joke - it's the "plain brown wrapper" traditionally associated with obscene material.

Brown paper printed on front panel only (see image above).

Front Panel: [in a reproduction of Cabell's hand] Taboo | by James Branch Cabell | [Kalki device in lower right hand corner]