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Writing about Cabell in Books

This section of the Bibliography covers books not specifically about Cabell, but which contain critical or biographical writing about him, Sometimes these include a chapter or article wholly or largely concerned with him; sometimes they handle other matters in which Cabell is discussed or mentioned. Books which mention Cabell or Jurgen only once or twice in passing are often not included unless the mention is felt to have significance. Until we find the time to list all these items, as found in Brewer, Hall, Duke, and other sources, we are posting only such items as we have had occasion to link to from the Bibliographies or other places on the site. In the meantime most of this material can be seen in Brewer, pp. 117-150 or 165-182, and in Duke (1979).


Brewer Code Title of Book Title of Cabell Entry Author (or Editor)
A6 Men Who Make Our Novels (1924) James Branch Cabell C.C. Baldwin
A10 Outlook for American Prose (1926) Holy Bottle J.W. Beach
A11 Twentieth Century Novel (1932) Hors d'Oeuvres: Cabell J.W. Beach
A14 The Literary Renaissance in America (1923) James Branch Cabell C.E. Bechhofer
A18 Literary Spotlight (1924) James Branch Cabell E.H. Bierstadt / ed. J.C. Farrar
A21 American Literature (1931) James Branch Cabell Russell Blankenship
A22 Das grosse Bestiarum der modernen
Literatur (1922)
Cabell Franz Blei
A25 Portraits, Real and Imaginary (1924) James Branch Cabell E.A. Boyd
A27 America in Contemporary Fiction James Branch Cabell P.H. Boynton
A31 Nonsenseorship (1922) none - scattered references H. Broun & others
A36 American Estimates (1929) James Branch Cabell H.S. Canby
A45 Innocence Abroad (1931) James Branch Cabell Emily Clark
A48 Books and Battles (1937) Discussions of the Influence of
Jurgen during the 1920's and of
Mr. Cabell's Life and Character
Irene & Allen Cleaton
A49 Current Reviews (1926) James Branch Cabell A.W. Colton
A55 The Elect and the Damned (1936) Cabell and De Gaultier Benjamin De Casseres
A58 Forty Immortals (1926) James Branch Cabell Benjamin De Casseres
A63 The Art of the Novel from 1700 to the
Present Time (1933)
Two Anti Realists: Willa Cather
and Cabell
Pelham Edgar
A68 To the Pure (1928) References to Jurgen (from the
legal point of view)
M.L. Ernst & William Seagle
A75 Anthologie de la Litterature
Americaine (1926)
James Branch Cabell B.M. Gagnot / ed. B.M.
Gagnot &C. Cestre
A88 Foreground of American Fiction (1934) The Journeys of Jurgen Harry Hartwick
A92 Frontier of American Literature (1927) Escape to Poictesme L.L. Hazard
A96 Mai Amerikai Dekameron (1935) James Branch Cabell Andras Hevesi
A98 The Great Tradition (1935) Two Roads Granville Hicks
A105 Before I Forget (1937) Anti-Cabellum: an Answer
to Mr. Cabell's
Paper Ultra Crepidam
Rupert Hughes (in Burton
Rascoe, Before I Forget)
A107 Intimate Letters of James
Gibbons Huneker (1924)
Letter on Jurgen Josephine Huneker, ed.
A109 After the Genteel Tradition (1937) James Branch Cabell Period P.M. Jack / ed. M. Cowley
A111 On Strange Altars (1924) James Branch Cabell Paul Jordan-Smith
A112 Sixteen Authors to One (1928) James Branch Cabell David Karsner
A117 Living Authors: A Book of
Biographies (1931)
James Branch Cabell Dilly Tante (pseud. of
S.J. Kunitz)
A118 Twentieth Century Authors (1942) James Branch Cabell eds. S.J. Kunitz & H. Haycraft
A122 I Hear America (1937) Cap and Bells V. Loggins
A128 Lucifer at Large (1937) Something More about Cabell C.J. McCole
A129 Letters on Contemporary American
Letter: On James Branch
Martin MacCoullough (pseud.
of Samuel W. Tait, Jr.)
A138 Study of the Modern American Novel (1928) James Branch Cabell A.R. Marble
A141 I Live in Virginia (1935) Henrico J.R. Meade
A148 Les Romanciers Americains (1931) James Branch Cabell Regis Michaud / ed. V. Llona
A149 American Novel Today (1928)

James Branch Cabell and the
Escape to Poictesme / James
Branch Cabell on The High Place

Regis Michaud
A150 Le Roman Americain d'aujourd'hui (1926)

James Branch Cabell ou l'Ironie
/ James Branch Cabell, Artiste et

Regis Michaud
A151 Advancing South (1926) James Branch Cabell Edwin Mims
A160 Southern Renascence (1953) James Branch Cabell E.W. Parks / ed. L.D.
Rubin & R.D. Jacobs
A161 Beginnings of Critical Realism in
America (1930)
The Incomparable Mr. Cabell V.L. Parks
A163 The New American Literature (1930) James Branch Cabell F.L. Pattee
A164 Later American Writers, Part 2 (1927) James Branch Cabell L.W. Payne
A168 American Fiction (1936) James Branch Cabell A.H. Quinn
A174 A Bookman's Daybook (1929) various - several articles Burton Rascoe
A187 Changing South (1927) James Branch Cabell W.J. Robertson
A191 Literary America (1952) James Branch Cabell D.E. Scherman & R. Redlich
A198 Money Writes (1927) The Charmpoacher Upton Sinclair
A212 Heavens (1922) The Heavens above Storisende Louis Untermeyer
A214 Modern American Poetry (1921) James Branch Cabell Louis Untermeyer
A216 American and British Literature (1925) James Branch Cabell Carl Van Doren
A217 Contemporary American Novelists,
James Branch Cabell Carl Van Doren
A222 American Novel 1789-1939 (rev. ed. 1940) Romance, Comedy, Satire Carl Van Doren
A224 Fragments from an Unwritten
Autobiography (1955)
Mr. Cabell of Richmond and
Carl Van Vechten
A226 /
A228 (rev.)
Cavalcade of the American Novel (rev.
version 1952)
Cabell: A Reconsideration / (rev. as)
James Branch Cabell: The Anatomy
of Romanticism
Edward Wagenknecht
A232 American Novelists of Today (1951) James Branch Cabell H.R. Warfel
A234 The Impuritans (1929) James Branch Cabell Harvey Wickham
A235 Our Short Story Writers (1926) James Branch Cabell B.C. Williams
A237 Panorama of American Literature (1947) James Branch Cabell W.T. Witham