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Writing about Cabell in Books

This section of the Bibliography covers books not specifically about Cabell, but which contain critical or biographical writing about him, Sometimes these include a chapter or article wholly or largely concerned with him; sometimes they handle other matters in which Cabell is discussed or mentioned. Books which mention Cabell or Jurgen only once or twice in passing are often not included unless the mention is felt to have significance. Until we find the time to list all these items, as found in Brewer, Hall, Duke, and other sources, we are posting only such items as we have had occasion to link to from the Bibliographies or other places on the site. In the meantime most of this material can be seen in Brewer, pp. 117-150 or 165-182, and in Duke (1979).


Hall Code Title of Book Author (or Editor)
*M1 The Literary Renaissance in America C.E. Bechhofer