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Cabell's Contributions to Books: Magazine Reprints in Books

This section of the Bibliography covers books (other than books by Cabell) that reprint Cabell material originally appearing in periodicals. Until we find the time to list all these items, as found in Brewer, Hall, and other sources, we are posting only such items as we have had occasion to link to from the Bibliographies or other places on the site. In the meantime most of this material can be seen in Brewer and Hall, pp. 141-146.



Hall Code Title of Book Author (or Editor) Title of Cabell Material
B1 Library of Southern Literature, Vol. II [1909] Charles William Kent Love Letters of Falstaff
B2 O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories, 1919 [1920] Chosen by the Society
of Arts and Sciences
Porcelain Cups
B3 The Best Short Stories of 1919 [1920] Edward J. O'Brien The Wedding Jest
B4 Johan Bojer: The Man and his Works [1920] Carl Gad Critique on FACE OF THE WORLD
B5 The Novel of Tomorrow [1922] Twelve American
A Note on Alcoves
B6 Great Short Stories of the World [1926]   A Brown Woman
B7 Modern Short Stories   A Brown Woman
B8 Ellen Glasgow [1928] Dorothea Lawrance
The Last Cry of Romance
B9 On Parade [1929] Erich Posselt Untitled Contribution
B10 The American Spectator Yearbook [1934] various Commonplaces
The Genteel Tradition in Sex
Prose of a Pallbearer
B11 The Smart Set Anthology [1934] ed. Burton Rascoe
& Groff Conklin
Some Ladies and Jurgen
B11a The Bachelor's Companion [1944] ed. Burton Rascoe
& Groff Conklin
Some Ladies and Jurgen
B12 Mistress of Mistresses [1935] E.R. Eddison Untitled Contribution
B13 Before I Forget [1937] Burton Rascoe Ultra Crepidam
An Epilogue
B14 Breaking Into Print [1937] Elmer Adler Recipes for Writers
B15 The Smart Set: A History and Anthology [1966] Carl R. Dolmetsch As Played Before His Highness
B16 The Books I Read as a Child   Why People Should Own and Read Books
*B17 An Anthology of Famous American Stories [1953] Angus Burrell and
Bennett Cerf
Porcelain Cups