The Silver Stallion

Changes and Additions to James Hall's Bibliography:
Part II - Works Relating to James Branch Cabell

As we have said before, this website and our on-line bibliographies wouldn't exist without James Hall and his 1974 James Branch Cabell: A Complete Bibliography. Part of our mission is to help keep Hall's work current by adding to it as new editions are published, and by additions and corrections to Hall's efforts when we find them. The list below summarizes the changes and additions that The Silver Stallion has made to works by other authors that relate in some way to Mr. Cabell.

For changes and additions we've made to listings by our favorite author himself, see Part I - Changes and Additions to Works By James Branch Cabell.


SS / Hall Code Title Author Description Comment
  *A35 The Letters of James Branch Cabell Edward Wagenknecht New publication 1975 Post Hall printing
Wild Names I have Met
An English Instructor
(Alfred Hubbard Holt)
Excerpt from an untitled letter [date?] Not in Hall
  *A37 Intimate Portraits Barrett H. Clark Excerpt from an untitled letter 1951 Not in Hall
  *A38 Straight Down a Crooked Lane Martha Byrd Porter DJ blurb, Third printing 1945 Not in Hall
  *A39 Lady Godiva and Master Tom Raoul C. Faure DJ blurb, First printing 1948 Not in Hall
  *A40 The Short Storys Mutations Frances Newman DJ blurb, First printing 1924 Not in Hall
  *A41 Gates of Life Edwin Björkman DJ blurb, First American printing 1923 Not in Hall
  *A42 The Beautiful and Damned F. Scott Fitzgerald Wraps blurb, Paperback printing 1951 Not in Hall
  *C1a (*E3b) The Art of James Branch Cabell [1924] Hugh Walpole The Toy Maker | Why Jurgen Did the Manly Thing Prevously unreported printing
  *E25 James Branch Cabell and the
Modern Temper: Three Essays
Raymond Himelick New publication 1974 Post Hall printing
  *E26 In Quest of Cabell:
Five Exploratory Essays
William Leigh Godshalk New publication 1975 Post Hall printing
  *E27 Cabell Under Fire :
Four Essays
Geoffrey Morley-Mower New publication 1975 Post Hall printing
  *E28 James Branch Cabell:
The Richmond Iconoclast
Dorothy B. Schlegel New publication 1975 Post Hall printing
  *E29 A Glossarial Index to the
'Biography of the life of Manuel'
Julius L. Rothman New publication 1976 Post Hall printing
  *E30 The Cabell Scene 1977 Robert H. Canary New publication 1977 Post Hall printing
  *E31 James Branch Cabell 1879-1979:
A Centenary Tribute
Edward Wagenknecht New publication 1979 Post Hall printing
  *E32 James Branch Cabell:
Centennial Essays
M. Thomas Inge &
Edgar E. MacDonald
New publication 1983 Post Hall printing
  *E33 From Satire to Subversion:
The Fantasies of James Branch Cabell
James D. Riemer New publication 1989 Post Hall printing
  *E34 James Branch Cabell and
Edgar E. MacDonald New publication 1993 Post Hall printing
  *E35 On the Pleasures of Connection and Collecting:
Or, How a Book Buyer Obsessed On-Line
Jethro K. Lieberman New publication 2000 Post Hall printing
  *E36 What Can Be Saved From
the Wreckage? 
Michael Swanwick New publication 2007 Post Hall printing
  *F20 Presenting Moonshine, Vol. 2, No. 4, March, 1973 Chuck Garvin New publication 1973 Not in Hall
  *F21 Catalog X - James Branch Cabell:
A Collection of his Works
Roy A. Squires New publication (c. 1975-76) Post Hall printing
  *F22 The Booklover's Answer, Issue No. 3, Jan.-Feb., 1963 ed. R.J. Hussey New publication 1963 Not in Hall
  *F23 James Branch CABELL: a reference guide, 1979 Maurice Duke New publication 1979 Post Hall printing