Hope Mirrlees: Bibliography
Magazine Articles and Essays

SS Number Description Original Publication
HM-Mag-1 Quelques aspects de l' art d'
Alexey Mikhailovich Rémizov
Le Journal de Psychologie Normale et
, January - March, 1926
HM-Mag-2 Listening to the Past The Nation & Atheneum, 11 September 1926
HM-Mag-3 An Earthly Paradise Time and Tide, Miscellany, 25 February 1927
HM-Mag-4 The Religion of Women The Nation & Atheneum, 28 May 1927
HM-Mag-5 Gothic Dreams The Nation & Atheneum, 3 March 1928
HM-Mag-6 Bedside Books Life and Letters, Vol. I No. 7, Dec. 1928



All of the essays listed here are collected in Sandeep Parmer's splendid Hope Mirrlees: Collected Poems, CP-A1. The first title, HM-Mag-1, was first published in French. HM originally wrote the essay in English, though, and Dr. Parmar has reprinted it in English under the title "Some Aspects of the Art of Alexey Mikhailovich Remizov," using as her source two of HM's original typescripts, now in the Hope Mirrlees Archive at Newnham College, Cambridge.

Where I have managed to obtain original copies of the magazines, I will publish scanned copies of the essays in their original form here.