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James Branch Cabell - A Complete Bibliography, by James N. Hall

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Title page recto: JAMES BRANCH CABELL | A Complete Bibliography | by | JAMES N. HALL | With a Supplement of | CURRENT VALUES OF CABELL BOOKS | by Nelson Bond | [Kalki device] | THE JAMES BRANCH CABELL SERIES | [Revisionist Press device at left of next two lines] REVISIONINST PRESS | New York 1974 (see image above).

Title page verso: First printing November 1974. This edition limited to 200 copies. | Copyright © 1974 by James N. Hall. All rights reserved. | Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data | Hall, James N | James Branch Cabell, a complete bibliography. | Includes index. | 1. Cabell, James Branch, 1879-1958--Bibliography. | 1. Bond, Nelson Slade, 1908- Current values of | Cabell books. 1974. Title. | Z8139.7.H34 016.813'52 74-23476 | ISBN 0-87700-208-8 | THE REVISIONIST PRESS | G.P.O. Box 2009 | Brooklyn, N.Y. 11202 | Printed and Bound in the United States of America (see image above).


New York: The Revisionist Press, November, 1974


Medium octavo [23.5 cm. (9¼ in.) x 15.9 cm. (6¼ in.)]; xii + 246 + 2 blank leaves. P. (i) half-title (verso blank); (iii) title page; (iv) publication data; (v) dedication (verso blank); (vii) Contents (verso blank); ix-xi Compiler's Note (verso blank). (1) Fly-title Part 1: The Books of James Branch Cabell (verso blank); 3 Section I Contents: The Biography of Manuel (verso blank); 5-75 text of Section I (verso blank); 77 Section II Contents: Their Lives and Letters (verso blank); 79-83 text of Section II (verso blank); 85 Section III Contents: The Nightmare has Triplets (verso blank); 87-91 text of Section III (verso blank); 93 Section IV Contents: Heirs and Assigns (verso blank); 95-97 text of Section IV (verso blank); 99 Section V Contents: It Happened in Florida (verso blank); 101-104 text of Section V; 105 Section VI Contents: Virginians are Various (verso blank); 107-110 text of Section VI; 111 Section VII Contents: The Genealogies (verso blank); 113-116 text of Section VII; 117 Section VIII Contents: Scholia (verso blank); 119 text of Section VIII (verso blank). (121) Fly-title Part 2: Cabelliana -- By Cabell (verso blank); 123-124 Section I Contents: Original Material by Cabell (Other than in Periodicals); 125-134 text of Section I; 135-136 Section II Contents: Magazine Reprints in Books; 137-140 text of Section II; 141-142 Section III Contents: Reprint Material in Books; 143-146 text of Section III; 147-148 Section IV Contents: Selected Contents to Magazines; 149-151 text of Section IV (verso blank). (153) Fly-title Part 3: Cabelliana -- About Cabell (verso blank); 155-156 Section I Contents: Books About Cabell and his Works; 157-161 text of Section I (verso blank); 163-164 Section II Contents: Bibliographies; 165-167 text of Section II (verso blank); 169 Section III Contents: Cabellian Art (verso blank); 171-177 text of Section III (verso blank); 179 Section IV Contents: Cabellian Magazines (verso blank); 181-190 text of Section IV; 191 Section V Contents: Miscellaneous (verso blank); 193-196 text of Section V (verso blank); 197 Contents: Cabelliana - Errata and Addenda (verso blank); 199-202 text of Errata and Addenda; 203-215 Appendix A: Where to Find It (verso blank); 217-231 Appendix B: Current Values of Cabell Books by Nelson Bond (verso blank); 233-243 Index; 244-245 Last Minute Addenda (verso blank); 2 blank leaves.


Red mottled imitation leather (plasticized paper) boards, lettering and decorations in gilt on spine and front cover, top edge trimmed, else untrimmed. Spine [ lettered down in two rows] JAMES BRANCH CABELL | A COMPLETE BIBLIOGRAPHY | [lettered down] HALL | [Revisionist Press device]. Front cover: JAMES BRANCH CABELL | A COMPLETE BIBLIOGRAPHY | JAMES N. HALL (see image above).


To | HAROLD D. STEELE | who introduced me to the works of | James Branch Cabell, this book is | affectionately dedicated. (see image above).

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Quite frankly, this website and its on-line bibliography wouldn't exist without James Hall and his 1974 James Branch Cabell: A Complete Bibliography. This was the first bibliography that attempted to actually list, one by one, all of the various states and printings of not only James Branch Cabell's many books, but also the books he contributed to, and those about him as well. To us today, accustomed to the the tools available on the internet and using modern computers, the effort that this work took is jaw-dropping. The amazing thing about this book is not that he missed a handful of the many states and issues of books in the canon, but that he missed so few.

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