The Silver Stallion: Cabellian Arts

A Visit to James Branch Cabell, by Bernhardt Wall


Berhardt Wall (1872-1956) was a very well-known and respected historian and lithographer, who was especially well known for producing post cards and propaganda posters. In addition to his more commercial works, he made a number of limited production books of his etchings. For those books, Wall not only created the blocks, but printed and bound them himself. A Visit to James Branch Cabell was one of those works. For this title, he printed seven trial copies, followed by a single edition of one hundred copies.

Both the trial copies and the "regular" edition exhibit an unsually wide range of variations. While the books seem to be identical in content, they vary significantly in size, proportion, binding style, and binding colors. We don't know how many different variations there were, but we are certain we have not shown them all. If you have one we haven't seen, we would love to have scans to display here.