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THE EAGLE'S SHADOW: A Comedy of Purse-Strings

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First Printing, Revised Edition 1923















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Title page recto: [in italic] THE | EAGLE'S SHADOW | A Comedy of Purse-Strings | By | JAMES BRANCH CABELL | WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY | EDWIN BJÖRKMAN | [rule] | {in italic] "Ad hanc, inquam, aquilœ umbram illico pavitat | omne vulgus, contrahit sese senatus, observit | nobilitas, obsecundant judices, silent theologici | assentatur juris consulti, cedent leges, cedunt | instituta." | [rule] | ROBERT M. McBRIDE & COMPANY | NEW YORK : : : : : : 1923 (see image above).

Title page verso: Copyright, 1904, by | DOUBLEDAY PAGE & Co. | Copyright, 1923, by | JAMES BRANCH CABELL | [rule] | [in italic] Printed in the | United States of America | [rule] | Revised Edition Published, 1923 (see image above).


New York: Robert M. McBride & Co., 1923.


Crown octavo [ cm. ( in.) x cm. ( in.)]; xl + 280 pp.; (i) half-title; (ii) BOOKS by MR. CABELL; (iii) title page; (iv) publication data; (v) dedication (verso blank); vii-viii Contents; (ix) fly-title AN INTRODUCTION (verso blank); xi-xl introduction; (i) fly-title (verso blank); 3-250 text; (251) fly-title AN APPENDIX: ABOUT MORALS (verso blank); 253-250 appendix.


Kalki binding: red brick cloth; top edge trimmed, else untrimmed. Decorations on front cover and spine in gilt. Spine: THE | EAGLE'S | SHADOW | [rule] | CABELL | McBRIDE. Front cover: [Kalki device in lower right corner] (see image above).


TO | MARTHA LOUISE PATTESON BRANCH | [in italic] In trust that the enterprise may be judged | less by the merits of its factor | than by those of its patron.

Dust jacket:

White paper, black lettering and decorations (see image above).

Spine: THE | EAGLE'S | SHADOW | New and Revised Edition | [rule] | By | JAMES | BRANCH | CABELL | [McBride Liberty Bell device] | McBRIDE

Front panel: THE EAGLE'S | SHADOW | NEW AND REVISED EDITION | [in decorative italic script] By James Branch Cabell | WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY EDWIN BJÖRKMAN | 19-line blurb in two paragraphs | [double rule] | ROBERT M. McBRIDE & CO., Publishers | SEVEN WEST SIXTEEN STREET . . . . NEW YORK

Rear panel: JAMES BRANCH CABELL | [in italic] Certain Opinions | [nine quotes from appreciations of Mr. Cabell] | [double rule] | ROBERT M. McBRIDCE & CO. | PUBLISHERS -:- -:- NEW YORK

Front flap: [at left device of man in chair] [at right] Price $2.50 Net | Are You Interested | In Book News? | [9-line advertisement followed by mail-in coupon]

Rear flap: :: The Books of :: | James Branch Cabell | [double rule] | 15 titles listed


This 1923 revised edition of The Eagle's Shadow marks the final title of Mr. Cabell's pre-Jurgen works to see re-issue in the Kalki Edition.

The revised edition includes a number of minor revisions intended to tie this early novel to the Biography. For example, in the original 1904 edition, Cock-eye Flinks arrives (p. 199) purely deus ex machina, as Cabell explains, to menace Margaret and severely injure Billy. In the revised version (p. 195), we learn that Flinks' encursion is at the direction of "Orven Deal," who is secretly directing affairs in the background.