James Branch Cabell : An Illustrated Bibliography

FIGURES OF EARTH: A Comedy of Appearances

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FoE-F1 (w)
First Paperback Edition 1969
















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Title page recto: [in italic] FIGURES | OF EARTH | James Branch Cabell | A Comedy of Appearances | [rule] | Introduction by Lin Carter | Illustrated by Frank C. Papé | [pen and ink decoration by Papé] | "Cascun se mir el jove Manuel, | Qu'era del mon lo plus valens dels pros." | BALLANTINE BOOKS · NEW YORK (see image above).

Title page verso: Copyright, 1921, 1927, by James Banch Cabell | Copyright renewed, 1948, by James Banch Cabell | Introduction © 1969, by Lin Carter | Ballantine Books edition printed from the | [in italic] Storisende Edition: | Cover Painting: Robert Pepper | First U.S. Printing: November, 1969 | Printed in the United States of America | BALLANTINE BOOKS, INC. | 101 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10003 (see image above).


New York: Ballantines Books, First U.S. Printing: November, 1969.


Trade paperback [178 cm. (7 in.) x 105 cm. (4⅛ in.)]; pp. xxx + 290; (i) about Cabell; (ii) Other titles by James Branch Cabell; (iii) title page; (iv) publication data; (v-vi) Contents; vii-xii Introduction: The Geste of Manuel Pig-tender; (xiii) half-title (verso blank); (xv) dedication; (xvi) frontispiece; xvii-xxii Author's Note; (xviii) dedication for A Foreward (verso blank); xxv-xxix A Foreward (verso blank); (1)-290 text; pp. (1), (69), (115), (172), and (235) are fly-titles.


Pen and ink drawing of Manuel on his Stallion, by Frank Papé. This drawing originally appeared on page 48 of the English illustrated edition of Figures of Earth, FoE-C1 (P), published October 16, 1925, where it served as a tail-piece for Chapter VII.


[in italic ] To | SIX MOST GALLANT CHAMPIONS | Is dedicated this history of a champion less to | repay than to acknowledge large debts to each of | them, collectively at outset, as hereafter seriatim (see image above).

The respective fly-titles (see Collation) also include the individual dedications for the Foreword and the five Books.

Note: The text of the dedication reads "hereafter" where it should read "thereafter." This misprint is also present in the Canadian printing, FoE-F1a (w), and was continued through in the 1979 second Ballantine/Del Rey printing, *FoE-F2 (w).


Wraps printed over a cover painting by Robert Pepper (see image above).

Spine: Ballantine logo | [printed down the spine in white, in italic] FIGURES OF EARTH James Branch Cabell 345•01763•095.

Front cover: [upper left corner in black] Ballantine logo | [lettered up] Ballantine Books 0176•095; [upper right corner in black] 95¢ | unicorn logo| Adult|Fantasy; [centered, in black, in italic] AUTHOR OF "JURGEN" | James Branch Cabell | FIGURES | OF | EARTH | INTRODUCTION BY LIN CARTER

Rear cover: 8-line blurb by Sinclair Lewis, in black italic


The two line quotation on the title page, in Catalan, reads Cascun se mir el jove Manuel, Qu'era del mon lo plus valens dels pros. This is a slight modification of the original Cascun se mir el jove rei engles Qu'era del mon lo plus valens dels pros, as it appeared on p. 332 of Augustin Thierry's Histoire de la Conquête de L'Angleterre par les Normands, Paris, 1848. The original translates as "Cascun looked upon the English king, who was the most valiant of those present." In Cabell's version, "the English king" becomes "King Manuel."