The Silver Stallion

James Branch Cabell : An Illustrated Bibliography

FIGURES OF EARTH: A Comedy of Appearances

James Hall Code
FoE-A1 (K)
FoE-A1a (K)
FoE-A2 (K)
FoE-A3 (K)
FoE-A4 (K)
FoE-A5 (K)
FoE-A6 (K)
FoE-A7 (K)
FoE-A8 (GD)
FoE-B1 (E)
FoE-B1a (E)
First English Printing, Variant Binding 1921
FoE-B2 (E)
FoE-C1 (P)
FoE-D1 (P)
FoE-D1a (P)
First American Illustrated Edition, Second State 1925
FoE-D2 (P)
FoE-D3 (P)
FoE-D4 (P)
FoE-E1 (S)
FoE-F1 (w)
*FoE-F1a (w)
Ballantine First Paperback Edition, Canadian Printing 1970
*FoE-F2 (w)
*FoE-F2a (w)
Ballantine/Del Rey Paperback Edition, Canadian Printing 1979
FoE-G1 (w)
*FoE-H1 (w)
*FoE-Ger-1 (w)
*FoE-Ital-1 (w)