James Branch Cabell : An Illustrated Bibliography

JURGEN: A Comedy of Justice

Hall Code
Jur-D10a (E)
Week-End Library Edition, Variant Binding 1932


This binding variant of the Week-End Library printing is not listed in the main body of Hall's bibliography, but is one of the "Last Minute Addenda" listed on pp. 244-245. We at The Silver Stallion suspect that it does not in fact exist. He states that he has not seen this issue personally, but is relying on the reports of others. We note that his description of this issue matches perfectly with his Jur-D11 (E), except for the "Week-End Library" designation. We can see from our own copy of D11 that this 1935 printing is listed as a Week-end Library edition on the dustjacket, but not on the volume itself. If the copy examined for his D1 description was lacking its jacket, he would have had no way to know of its Week-end Library association, and he does not mention it in his description. Based on this evidence and logic, we are proposing that it is in fact a phantom issue. We do note that there is no way to prove a negative. If some reader does have a copy of the 1932 printing in a green binding, we'd be delighted to acknowledge our error and post scans here.