James Branch Cabell : An Illustrated Bibliography

JURGEN: A Comedy of Justice

Hall Code
Jur-D2 (E)
Second English Unillustrated Printing 1923


James Hall describes this printing as "[b]lack cloth, red decorations and lettering in the same pattern as Jur-D1 (E)." We at The Silver Stallion have not seen this printing in that color combination. We have, though, seen this March 1923 printing in the same blue and orange colors (*Jur-D2a (E)) as the Lane unillustrated printings through 1929. Hall does not list that variation. In his listing for the third Lane unillustrated, he further states that he has not seen every one of the Lane issues, and so can't describe every binding. Added to that, we have ourselves found more than one John Lane binding color that Hall did not describe. Those facts lead us to assume that it may well exist. On the other hand, the book seller's description for our copy of the first unillustrated printing, Jur-D1 (E), described it as "[b]lack cloth], when it is clearly dark blue. Depending on the ambient light, it is easy to see how dark blue and black might be confused, especially on a fine, unfaded copy. For that reason, we'll leave it open, but if some reader can supply scans of a true black & red copy, we'd be delighted to post pictures here.