James Branch Cabell : An Illustrated Bibliography

JURGEN: A Comedy of Justice

Hall Code
Jur-F2 (ML)
Second Modern Library Edition [Fall 1937]


binding 2bindingrecto












jacket 2jacket in 2






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Full Title:

Title page type "G".2 This type of title was used 1926 - 1939 (see image above).






"Modern Library" Toledano Style 7 binding in red or brown balloon cloth2. Also reported in green, grey, and blue. This type of binding was used 1931 - 1939 (see image above).




Kent endpapers2 in orange (see image above). This style of endpapers was used from 1929 to 1967.

Dust jacket:

Style DJ-H2 pictorial jacket, as used 1932-1948, with style g2 rear panel, as used 1936-1944 (see images above). We have observed two different jackets for this printing, and is quite possible that there are others. The earlier issue, with 253 titles listed, dates to Fall, 1937, contemporary with this printing (see the Dating Key addressed in Note 3 below). The second jacket (262 titles) dates to Fall, 1938..


1. In his entry for Jur-F2 (ML), James Hall notes this printing as not seen, but reported by Nelson Bond. We are now able to confirm that it exists.

2. Type descriptions for title page, binding, spine, and endpapers ("balloon cloth", "Kent", etc.) are those used in The Modern Library Price Guide, by Henry Toledano, and further elaborated in A Descriptive Bibliography of The Modern Library 1917-1970, by George M. Andes.

3. The verso of the title page still carries the lines First Modern Library Edition | 1934, but we can date this printing to Fall, 1937, based on the titles listed in the catalog at the rear, thanks to Gordon Neavill's Modern Library Dating Key, 1925 - 1970, which can be found on Scott Kamin's Collecting the Modern Library website.