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JURGEN: A Comedy of Justice

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*Jur-N1 (w)
Dover Paperback Edition 1977















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Title page recto: Jurgen | A COMEDY OF JUSTICE | [in italic] By | James Branch Cabell | [in italic] With Illustrations and Decorations by | FRANK C. PAPÉ | [device] | DOVER PUBLICATIONS, INC. | NEW YORK (see image above).

Title page verso: Copyright © 1919 by Robert M. McBride & Co. | Copyright © 1946 by James Branch Cabell. | All rights reserved under Pan American and | International Copyright Conventions. | Published in Canada by General Publishing | Company, Ltd., 30 Lesmill Road, Don Mills, | Toronto, Ontario. | Published in the United Kingdom by Constable | and Company, Ltd., 10 Orange Street, London | WC2H 7EG. | This Dover edition, first published in 1977, is an | unabridged and unaltered republication of the | work as published by John Lane/The Bodley Head, | London, in 1921. The frontispiece was in color in | the John Lane edition but here appears in black | and white. An introduction by Hugh Walpole has | been omitted. The complete Foreword from the | nineteenth edition as published by Robert M. | McBride and Company, New York, in 1926, has | been added to make the Dover edition as complete | as possible. | [in italic] International Standard Book Number: 0-486-23507-6 | Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 77-74612 | Manufactured in the United States of America | Dover Publications, Inc. | 180 Varick Street | New York, N. Y. 10014 (see image above).


New York: Dover Publications, Inc., 1977


Large format paperback [21.6 cm. (8½ in.) x 13.7 cm. (5⅜ in.)]. Pp. xx (as printed, actual count pp. xviii)+ 340 + 12 illustrations on individual leaves, versos blank, not counted in the pagination; p. (i) half-title: JURGEN; (ii) frontispiece; (iii) title page; (iv) publication data; (v) Dedication; (vi) three Quotations attributed to Philip Borsdale, E. Noel Codman, and John Frederick Lewistam; [vii - viii omitted]; ix-x Contents; xi List of Plates; (xii) quotation; p. (xiii) Fly-title: A FOREWARD | [In italics] "Nescio quid certé est: et Hylax in limine latrat." (verso blank); xv-xvii text of A Foreword; (1) Fly-title: JURGEN | [In italics] . . . amara lento temperet risu (verso blank); (1)-325 text (verso blank); (327)-(340) publisher's catalog.

The preliminaries and text are photographic reproductions of the 1921 Lane printing. The illustrations were tipped into the 1921 printing. In this edition they are printed with the text, but are maintained in their original locations and are not paginated. Pp. vii-vii in the 1921 printing was the text of the Introduction by Hugh Walpole. This introduction was omitted in this edition but the original pagination has been maintained.


White paper, aqua ground on front panel and spine (see image above).

Spine: [lettered down the spine in white] Cabell JURGEN Dover 0-486-23507-6 | [device of Dover logo]

Front panel: [all over Frank C. Papé illustration from the 1921 Lane printing] [in white] James Branch Cabell | [in yellow] JURGEN | [in white] With 13 Plates by Frank C. Papé

Rear panel: [all in black over white ground] James Branch Cabell | JURGEN | [36-line blurb in five paragraphs] | A DOVER PUBLICATION DESIGNED FOR YEARS OF USE: | [7-line quality discussion] | [flush right] ISBN 0-486-23507-6 $4.50 in U.S.A. | [lettered vertically down right edge] Cover design by Paul F. Kennedy


Black and white reproduction of the color painting by Frank C. Papé originally used as the frontispiece for the first illustrated edition, Jur-B1 (P) (see image above).


TO | BURTON RASCOE | [12-line dedicatory acrostic verse in three quatrains] (see image above).


It's not clear if there was more than one printing in this 1977 format. No differences have been noted between the copies we've examined. There was a second Dover edition published in 2011. There are noted differences between the 1977 and 2011 printings. The second is listed as *Jur-N2 (w).