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James Branch Cabell : An Illustrated Bibliography

THE WITCH-WOMAN: A Trilogy about Her

James Hall Code


The Witch-Woman was originally intended to be the title of a dizain to be issued as Volume 17 of the 19-volume Storisende Edition. Mr. Cabell abandoned this idea, and the Storisende Edition was truncated to eighteen volumes. Three of the planned ten episodes were separately published as The Music Behind the Moon, MBM-A1 (1926); The White Robe, WR-A1 (1928); and The Way of Ecben, WEc-A1 (1929). This volume includes these three previously published stories, together with a new introductory essay, "A Note as to Ettare."

The remaining seven stories were never written, although Mr. Cabell gifted the title of one, The Thirty-First of February, to Nelson Bond for his eponymous book of short stories, Hall A28 (1948).