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James Branch Cabell : An Illustrated Bibliography

THE WAY OF ECBEN: A Comedietta Involving a Gentleman.
Decorations by Frank C. Papé

James Hall Code
WEc-B1 (E)
WEc-B1a (E)
WEc-C1 (w)
*WEc-D1 (w)
First English Paperback Printing 1971


The Way of Ecben was reprinted in The Storisende Edition, bound into Volume XVIII along with Townsend of Lichfield (ToL-A1, 1930). It was also revised and incorporated into The Witch-Woman (WW-A1, 1948).

This book includes two different works: The Way of Ecben, a short novel in five parts; and Hail and Farewell Ettare!, a long (50 page) colophon. This colophon incorporates "Kindly Omit Flowers" (Brewer 165), a short work originally published in The American Mercury, June 1929, and again re-used in Townsend of Lichfield, ToL-A1 (S). When "Kindly Omit Flowers" was first published, it caused a minor stir - many interpreted this piece to indicate that Mr. Cabell was retiring as a writer.