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The Romaunt of Manuel Pig-Tender |
From the Quarto of 1559, by Thomas Horan

Hall Code
First Editi0n 1931


The first printing was limited to 10 copies, in wraps of various colors, while the second edition of 500 copies has been noted in green and grey wraps. Hall also noted that the first printing was preceded by several presentation copies numbered "00" or "000". He did not, though, assign these copies a bibliographic code. Out of bibliographic necessity, we have added the code *E12b to designate the presentation copies. We have also included a data on a pre-publication mock-up. This consisting of the wraps, frontispiece, and title page recto, bound with blank pages to simulate the final product. While this has no real bibliographic value, it is certainly of interest to collectors, and provides an unusual insight into the production techniques of small press publishers. We have given this copy the code *E12x.

The Silver Stallion has not yet seen one of the ten copies of the first edition (READERS?). However, we are reasonably confident that two of the presentation copies we've examined, the ones we've designated as *E12b2, are identical to the first edition copies except for the limitation numbers.