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Books about James Branch Cabell: Critical and Biographical

This section of The Silver Stallion covers books about James Branch Cabell, other than those that are specifically bibliographies, which are shown in the Cabell Bibliographies section. Many of the works listed here include contributions by Cabell himself; those that do are additionally listed in the Contributions in Books section.



Hall Code Title of Book Author (or Editor)
E1 Mr. Cabell of Virginia [1918] H.L. Mencken
E2 Jurgen and the Censor 1920 E.H. Bierstadt & others
E3 The Art of James Branch Cabell 1920 Hugh Walpole
E4 A Colophonic Proposal 1923 Don Bregenzer
E5 A Round Table in Poictesme 1924 Don Bregenzer & Samuel Loveman
E6 Jurgen and the Law 1923 Guy Holt
E7 James Branch Cabell 1925 Carl van Doren
E8 James Branch Cabell 1927 H.L. Mencken
E9 Cabellian Harmonics 1928 Warren A. McNeill
E10 Notes on Jurgen 1928 James P. Cover
E11 Notes on Figures of Earth 1929 John P. Cranwell and
James P. Cover
E12 The Romaunt of Manuel Pig-Tender 1931 Thomas Horan
E13 Books About Poictesme 1937 Walter Klinefelter
E14 No Place on Earth 1959 Louis D. Rubin
E15 Jesting Moses 1962 Arvin Wells
E16 James Branch Cabell 1962 Joe Lee Davis
E17 James Branch Cabell: 3 Essays 1967 Walpole, Mencken, van Doren
E18 James Branch Cabell:
The Dream and the Reality
Desmond Tarrant
E19 James Branch Cabell:
The Man and His Masks
Louis Untermeyer
E20 Introducing James Branch Cabell 1970 James Blish and W.L Godshalk
E21 James Branch Cabell
and Arthur Machen
n.d. [1930?]
Nathan van Patten
E22 There Was a Book and
There Were Trilogies 1956
Thomas Horan
E23 Jurgen: An Announcement n.d. [1919] Robert M. McBride Co.
E24 Program: A James Branch
Cabell Evening
The Colophon Club
*E25 James Branch Cabell and the
Modern Temper: Three Essays
Raymond Himelick
*E26 In Quest of Cabell:
Five Exploratory Essays
William Leigh Godshalk
*E27 Cabell Under Fire :
Four Essays
Geoffrey Morley-Mower
*E28 James Branch Cabell:
The Richmond Iconoclast

Dorothy B. Schlegel
*E29 A Glossarial Index to the
'Biography of the life of Manuel'
Julius L. Rothman
*E30 The Cabell Scene 1977 Robert H. Canary
*E31 James Branch Cabell 1879-1979:
A Centenary Tribute
Edward Wagenknecht
*E32 James Branch Cabell:
Centennial Essays
M. Thomas Inge &
Edgar E. MacDonald
*E33 From Satire to Subversion:
The Fantasies of James Branch Cabell
James D. Riemer
*E34 James Branch Cabell and
Edgar E. MacDonald
*E35 On the Pleasures of Connection and Collecting:
Or, How a Book Buyer Obsessed On-Line
Jethro K. Lieberman
*E36 What Can Be Saved From
the Wreckage?
Michael Swanwick