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Cabell's Contributions to Books

This section of the Bibliography covers books to which Cabell made an original contribution; it does not include books which reprint Cabell material originally appearing elsewhere. Until we find the time to list all these items, as found in Brewer, Hall, and other sources, we are posting only such items as we have had occasion to link to from the Bibliographies or other places on the site. In the meantime most of this material can be seen in Brewer, pp. 73-116, and Hall, pp. 123-34 & 199-200.



Hall Code Title of Book Author (or Editor) Title of Cabell Material
A1 The VMI Bomb Otho V. Keane Res Publica | A Private Affair | The First Maid
A2 Jamestown Tributes and Toasts Julia Wyatt Bullard The New Virginia
A3 Little Verses and Big Names anon. [Stewart Edward White] Involuntary Sonnet
A4 (E2) Jurgen and the Censor E.H. Bierstadt & others Preface | The Judging of Jurgen
A5 (F1) A Bibliographic Check-list of the
Works of James Branch Cabell
Merle Johnson An Epistolary Preface
A6 The Unpublished Books of
Benjamin De Casseres
Benjamin De Casseres Untitled Contribution
A7 The Queen Pedauque Anatole France Introduction
A8 A Round Table in Poictesme Don Bregenzer &
Samuel Loveman
The Author of the Eagle's Shadow
A9 A Bibliography of the Writings of
James Branch Cabell
Guy Holt About These Books
A10 The American Mercury H. L. Mencken Once More, The Immortals
A11 James Branch Cabell Carl Van Doren Map of Poictesme
A12 Skeleton Biography Form   A Foreword
A13 The Worm Ourobouros E.R. Eddison Untitled Letter | An except from this letter was also
used as a blurb on the belly band for the 1926 edition
A14 The House of Lost Identity Donald Corley A Note for the Intending Reader
A15 Cabellian Harmonics Warren A. McNeill A Note on Cabellian Harmonics
A16 Morrow's Almanack for 1930 Thayer Hobson Reflections for the Ninth of May
A17 Frances Newman's Letters Hansell Baugh A Note on Frances Newman
A18 Modern Writers at Work Josephine K. Piercy Untitled Paragraph about "style"
A19 The Colophon, No. 7 Elmer Adler,
Burton Emmett,
& John T. Winterich
Recipes for Writers
A20 Legends of Virginia Helena Lefroy Caperton Untitled Note on dust jacket
A21 James Branch Cabell:
A Revised Bibliography
I.R. Brussel On Second Thought
A22 Prometheans Burton Rascoe Untitled Letter from JBC to Rascoe dated August 10,
1919, discussing the evolution of Jurgen
A23 Breaking Into Print
Elmer Adler Untitled letter dated December 28, 1932, describing his
writing process | facsimile of typescript page from Smire
A24 Immortal Lyrics Hudson Strode Untitled excerpt from a letter on writing poetry
A25 Broadside: Goudy James Branch Cabell GOUDY: An Acrostic
A26 This is My Best Whit Burnett Untitled Paragraph
A27 St. Nicholas is Here Again   Untitled Paragraph
A28 The Thirty-First of February Nelson Bond Conveyance of Title in Fee Simple
A29 The World's Best Whit Burnett Untitled Paragraph
A30 James Branch Cabell, a Bibliography Frances Joan Brewer A Foreward
A31 Notes on the Cabell Collection
of the University of Virginia
Matthew Bruccoli Cabell's Notes on His Printed Books
A32 James Branch Cabell:
the Dream and the Reality
Desmond Tarrant Untitled Letter
A33 A Colophonic Proposal Don Bregenzer Untitled Letter
A34 Between Friends Margaret Freeman Cabell Numerous Untitled Letters
*A35 The Letters of James Branch Cabell Edward Wagenknecht Numerous Untitled Letters
*A36 Wild Names I have Met An English Instructor
(Alfred Hubbard Holt)
Excerpt from Untitled Letter
*A37 Intimate Portraits Barrett H. Clark Excerpt from Untitled Letter
*A38 Straight Down a Crooked Lane Martha Byrd Porter Jacket Blurb
*A39 Lady Godiva and Master Tom Raoul C. Faure Jacket Blurb
*A40 The Short Story's Mutations Frances Newman Jacket Blurb
*A41 Gates of Life Edwin Björkman Jacket Blurb
*A42 The Beautiful and Damned F. Scott Fitzgerald Cover Blurb
*A43 Broadside: Circular James Branch Cabell Circular Sent Members of the Families Interested