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THE BOMB VMI, Otho V. Keane, Editor-in-Chief

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Full Title:

Title page recto: [within a double ruled circle, top left quadrant of a line drawing illustration of a woman with a monkey on a leash, by R.W. Johnson] THE | BOMB | VMI | [below illustration] Published Annually | by the | Cadets of the Virginia Military Institute, | Lexington, Virginia. (see image above).

Title page verso: first page of dedication (see below).


n.p., n.d.; Lexington, Virginia, 1901.


Crown quarto [26 cm. (10ΒΌ in.) x 20.3 cm. (8 in.)]; pp. 204; tipped in frontispiece; p. 1 title; pp. 2-3 dedication; pp. 4-(174) contents; pp. (175-204) advertisements. Contributions by James Branch Cabell: "Res Publica" p. 70-72; "A Private Affair" pp. 133-140; "The First Maid" p. 133 (intro. to "A Private Affair").


Green cloth; gilt lettering and decorations on front cover, spine blank; top edge trimmed, others untrimmed. Front cover: THE BOMB | [gilt decoration of a fort, surrounded by double ruled box] | 1901 (see image above).


Pen and wash drawing in grey and red of a cadet sergeant, "1901" superimposed diagonally, signed "R.W.J." (R.W. Johnson) (see image above).


Left page: [in italic] DEDICATION. | [row of three devices] | This volume is dedicated with love and | reverence to the Sacred Memory of | those members of the Class of 1901 | whom death has taken | from us.

Right page: [illustration of a cadet facing right at rest on arms, with a row five candlesticks above text, signed "R.W.J." (R.W. Johnson)] W. Karl Baskerville | Augustus J. Burgsdorf | Paul B. Clark | Randolph B. Lemoine | Samuel C. Nott (see image above).

Dust jacket:

None seen.