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kalki 15cabellianCabellian Harmonics is a bit different from other works of Cabellian comment and criticism, in that it primarily concentrates on one specific aspect of Cabell's writing style, which McNeill calls "contrapuntal prose." This refers to Cabell's technique of embedding poetic passages into the text of his works. This is particularly noticeable in Figures of Earth. Cabellian Harmonics was reprinted in Kalki magazine, one chapter per issue, beginning in Vol. IV, No. 3, Whole No. 15, 1970. For this issue, Mr. McNeill wrote a new introduction that discusses how he came to write this book. Also in 1970, he published "Cabellian Harmonics - Why and How?," in the Spring, 1970, issue of The Cabellian (Vol. II No. 2). This covers much the same ground as the Kalki article, but in greater detail. We have made both of these articles available as PDF files. You can access them by clicking on the thumbnails at left. As usual, you'll need to use your browser's BACK button to return to The Silver Stallion after accessing either file.