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First Printing 1962















Full Title:

Title page recto: JAMES BRANCH CABELL | [rule] | by JOE LEE DAVIS | University of Michigan | [publisher's series device] 21 | Twayne Publishers, Inc. :: New York

(see image above).

Title page verso: [in italic] Copyright © 1962 by Twayne Publishers, Inc. | Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 62-16816 | MANUFACTURED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BY | UNITED PRINTING SERVICES, INC. | NEW HAVEN, CONN. (see image above).


New York: Twayne Publishers, Inc.; 1962


Crown octavo [21 cm. (8¼-in.) x 14.3 cm. (5⅝-in.)]; 174 + 1 blank leaf; (1) series title / half-title (verso blank); (3) title page; (4) publication data; (5) dedication (verso blank); (7)-(11) Preface (verso blank); (13)-(14) Acknowledgements; (15) Contents (verso blank); 17-19 Chronology (verso blank); (21) fly-title (verso blank); 23-151 text; 152-161 Notes and References; 162-166 Selected Bibliography; 167-174 Index; 1 blank leaf.


Light grey art leather; lettering in gilt, orange and black; decorations in gilt and dark grey on spine and front cover; all edges trimmed, top edge stained grey. Spine: [in gilt, in single ruled gilt box on dark grey ground [lettered down in two lines] JAMES BRANCH CABELL | JOE LEE DAVIS | [lettered across] Twayne | [in black, base of spine below box] [publisher's series device] | 21. Front cover: [in gilt, in single ruled gilt box on dark grey ground] CABELL (see image above).


TO | VIRGINIA ANSON MORRIS (see image above).


Dark grey unmarked endpapers.

Dust jacket:

White paper; orange ground with black bars top and bottom on spine and front cover; lettering and decorations in black and white (see image above).

Spine:[in black, lettered down on orange ground] DAVIS JAMES BRANCH CABELL TWAYNE [across, publisher's series device] | [lettered across in orange in bottom black bar] 21

Front panel: [in white, in top black bar] TWAYNE'S UNITED STATES AUTHORS SERIES | [in orange, centered in grey and black decoration on orange ground] 21 | [in black on orange ground] JAMES BRANCH | CABELL | [lettered in orange in bottom black bar] | JOE LEE DAVIS

Rear panel: [photo by Mr. Cabell, c. 1937] | [in italic] Courtesy of Dementi Studio, Richmond, Virginia | JAMES BRANCH CABELL | [publisher's series device] | TWAYNE PUBLISHERS, INC. | 31 UNION SQUARE WEST NEW YORK 3, N.Y.

Front flap: [flush right] $3.50 | JAMES BRANCH CABELL | [in italic] by | JOE LEE DAVIS | [23-line blurb in two paragraphs] | [in italic] (Continued on black flap) | TWAYNE PUBLSHERS | New York 3

Rear flap: [in italic] (Continued from front flap) [ [5-line continuation of blurb in one paragraph] | ABOUT THE AUTHOR | [15-line author's biography] | Printed in the U.S.A. by United Printing Services, Inc., | New Haven, Connecticut


This title is the 21st publication in Twayne's United States Authors Series.

This is the first printing, but this title was reprinted an unknown number of times: in boards by Twayne; and in soft covers by the College & University Press.