Books About James Branch Cabell

by Heywood Broun, Ben Hecht & others

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The first sentence of Nonsenseorship:

At current bootlegger quotations, Haig & Haig costs about twelve dollars a quart, while any dependable bootlegger can unearth a copy of "Jurgen" for about fifteen dollars.

It seemed a promising start. Unfortunately for the Cabellian scholar, though, there is no follow up concerning Mr. Cabell. Except for a very few mentions of Jurgen and Mr. Cabell's name included in lists of authors, this work has no useful place as a reference on Mr. Cabell or his work. Instead, it is a loose collection of illustration, poetry, and essays (read diatribes) by the leading lights of sophisticated witers of the early twenties, all taking their shots at the social ills of the day: primarily prohibition, but to a lesser extent censorship in literature and films, "the woman's place," and moral bluenoses of all stripes. The writing is clever, and although some it dates badly the Round Table-ish articles can at times be entertaining - just don't expect any meaningful discussion concerning himself.