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James Branch Cabell: Pictures, Art and Photographs


In this section, we display contemporary and historic photos, drawings, artwork, cartoons, and other images related to James Branch Cabell that have been submitted by our readers.



Cabell Family Graves:

James Glanville has graciously allowed The Silver Stallion to use these photos of the Cabell family graves, which he took on 30 April 2010. Photographs © James Glanville 2013.

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Photo Service File Photos

Shown below is a small group of photographs recently acquired by The Silver Stallion from a Photo File Service. These photographs would likely have been used in numerous newspapers, magazines, books, and similar publications. The second figure in the last photo is Sinclair Lewis.

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The Author of Jurgen

The photograph below, dated August, 1918, was presented to Vincent Starrett by JBC. It was purchased some years ago by one of the present writers (Thorne), as part of a collection of books and papers from Starrett's estate. While as far as we know this is the first time this particular image has been published, it is one of a series of photos that show Cabell writing Jurgen, sitting at a desk on the porch of his summer cottage in Virginia Beach. Other photos, inscribed in Cabell's unique hand and obviously taken in the same session, are known in other collections.

One of these, autographed "Gestation of Jurgen | Virginia Beach | August 1918" , is in the Special Collections and Archives of the James Branch Cabell Library at Virginia Commonwealth University. That photo can be seen HERE, on the Encyclopedia Virginia website (it's also in VCU's new image gallery - see below).

Another, inscribed "For Burton Rascoe | This portrait of the | birth of Jurgen | James Branch Cabell | Scene - Virginia Beach | Time - August 1918. | Temperature - Circa 115." is in the collection of the University of Virginia Library, and can be seen HERE.

cabell 1918







Virginia Commonwealth University's Flickr James Branch Cabell Gallery

VCU Libraries have just posted a new Flickr Gallery of images of James Branch Cabell. There are 32 images in the gallery, and it's probably the most extensive collection of JBC images available anywhere.

James Branch Cabell Gallery