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A Conveyance of Title in Fee Simple


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Full Title:

Title page recto: THE THIRTY-FIRST | OF FEBRUARY | [in italic] By | NELSON BOND | in italic] With a Conveyance of Title in Fee Simple by | James Branch Cabell | Who is the third who walks always besides you? | When I count, there are only you amd I together | But when I look ahead up the white road | There is always another one walking beside you | Gliding wrapt in a brown mantle, hooded | I do not know whether a man or a woman | — But who is that on the other side of you? | GNOME PRESS [publisher's device] NEW YORK (see image above).

Title page verso: Copyright 1949 by Nelson Bond | Copyright 1938, 1939, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1945, 1946, 1948 | by Nelson Bond | All rights reserved. This book, or | parts thereof, may not be reproduced | in any form without permission. | [in italic] First Edition | Manufactured in the United States of America (see image above).


New York: Gnome Press; 1949


Crown octavo [21 cm. (8¼-in.) x 14.5 cm. (5¾-in.)]; 272 +6 pages not counted in pagination + three blank leaves. (1) half-title; (2) list of Mr. Bond's books; (3) title page; (4) publication data; (5) dedication (verso blank); (7) conveyance of title (verso blank); (9)-10 Author's Note; (11) Contents (verso blank); (11) fly-title (verso blank); (13)-66 text; leaf not couned in pagination (fly-title recto, verso blank); (67)-122 text (verso blank, not counted in pagination); (fly-title recto, not counted in pagination) (verso continues text as p. (122)); 123-163 text (verso blank, not counted in pagination); (fly-title recto, not counted in pagination) (verso continues text as p. (164)); 165-219 text (verso blank, not counted in pagination); (fly-title recto, not counted in pagination) (verso continues text as p. (220)); 221-272 text; three blank leaves.


Red cloth; black printed ground on spine; gilt text on spine and front cover; tops stained black; all edges trimmed. Spine [lettered down] THE [decorative script] Thirty-first OF February • Nelson Bond | [lettered across] | GNOME | PRESS. Front cover: [decorative script] The | Thirty-first | of | February (see image above).


[in italic] This special autographed edition of | THE THIRTY-FIRST OF FEBRUARY | [in italic] is limited to 112 copies of which | one hundred are for sale. | This is number [handwritten in black] 9 | [author's signature] (see image above).


[in italic] To | My Mother and my Father | Together here, as ever in my heart (see image above).

Conveyance of Title:

x x x i | "Item, so that he may abscond | Untroubled and stay accurst, | I grant hereby to Nelson Bond, | In fee forever, nor the worst | Nor best of titles such as erst | My boyhood fashionied and forsook - - | by which I mean [in italic] The Thirty-first | of February - - for his book. " | [in italic] JAMES BRANCH CABELL

Dust jacket:

Not seen. We don't know if this limited issue was supplied in dust jacket. We do know that the limited version of Mr. Bond's next work, Exiles of Time, also issued in 1949 (by Prime Press) and limited to 112 copies, was issued in slipcase but without a jacket. If there was a jacket, we assume it would have been identical to the one used for the regular issue, Hall A28. Can any reader clarifiy?

Slip case:

Black paper cover pasteboard, unmarked (see image above).


The quotation on the title page is from T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land, Section V, "What the Thunder Said."