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Cabell's Contributions to Periodicals: Original Material
Sorted by Individual Title

This section of the Bibliography covers original contributions that Cabell made to magazines, newspapers, journals and other periodicals; it does not include reprints of Cabell material that originally appeared elsewhere. Until we find the time to list all these items, as found in Brewer, Hall, and other sources, we are posting only such items as we have had occasion to link to from the Bibliographies or other places on the site. In the meantime most of this material can be seen in Brewer,  pp. 73-116, and in Brussel, pp. (99)-106.


Original Material in Periodicals, Listed Alphabetically by Title

Brewer Code Title
No. 54 About One and Another
No. 56 Above Paradise
No. 57 Actors All
No. 59 Afternoon in Arden
No. 60 Almost Touching the Confederacy
No. 61 An Amateur Ghost
No. 62 The Appeal to Posterity
No. 63 Aprilis Gesta
No. 64 April's Message
No. 65 Art, Beauty and Balderdash: An Essay Review of Max Schoen's Art and Beauty
No. 66 The Artist: An Extract from Beyond Life
No. 67 The Arts in Gaza: The State of Culture in Virginia
No. 68 As Played Before His Highness
No. 69 As the Coming of Dawn
No. 70 Author Discusses Public with Non-Literary Tastes: A Letter
No. 72 Autobiographic Summary
No. 73 The Awakening
No. 74 Balthazar's Daughter
No. 75 Beauty and Wizardry: Review of Donn Byrne's Messer Marco Polo
No. 76 Before Æsred
No. 77 Belhs Cavaliers
No. 78 Between Worlds
No. 79 Books: An Extract from Beyond Life
No. 80 Bouquets for Mencken: Untitled Contribution
No. 81 Branch of Henrico: A Genealogical Article
No. 82 The Breast of the Nymph
No. 83 The Bright Bees of Toupan
No. 84 A Brown Woman
No. 85 Cabell on Bojer's Latest: Critique on Johan Bojer's Face of the World
No. 85a Cabell Recalls Sophisticated Twenties
No. 86 The Candid Footprint
No. 87 The Candle: An Extract from Beyond Life
No. 88 The Castle of Content
No. 89 The Casual Honeymoon
No. 90 The Choices
No. 91 Cobwebs and Iron: A Sonnet
No. 92 The Comedian
No. 93 The Comedies of William Congreve
No. 94 Commonplaces: An Extract from Art, Beauty and Balderdash
No. 95 Concerning David Jogram
No. 96 Confusions of the Golden Travel
No. 97 Congreve: An Extract from Which Values the Candle
No. 98 The Conspiracy of Arnaye
No. 100 Coth at Porutsa
No. 101 Credo
No. 103 The Delta of Radegonde
No. 104 The Demiurge: An Extract from Beyond Life
No. 105 The Designs of Miramon
No. 106 Dictated, But Not Read
No. 107 A Discourse for the Friends of Virginia and Carolina by Joseph Glaister
No. 108 Dizain of the Doomed
No. 109 Domnei: An Extract from Beyond Life
No. 110 The Dream
No. 111 Dreams on Cosmogony
No. 112 Dynamic Illusion: An Extract from Beyond Life
No. 113 The Eagle's Shadow [abridged version of the book in nine parts]
No. 114 Ellen Glasgow
No. 115 Ellen Glasgow and the Legend of the Virginians
No. 116 An Epilogue; Appended to R. Hughes' Anti-Cabellum
No. 118 Evasions: An Extract from Beyond Life
No. 119 Exit
No. 120 Facts about Faust
No. 121 Factual Fiction: Letter to the Editor on The First Gentleman of America
No. 122 The Feathers of Olrun
No. 124 For Rhadamanthus, Smiling
No. 125 A Fordyce of Westbrook
No. 126 A Fourth Mrs. Patterson: Review of Isabel Patterson's Never Ask the End
No. 127 The Fox-Brush
No. 128 The Gadfly: An Extract from Beyond Life
No. 129 The Genteel Tradition in Sex
No. 130 The Great Romance: An Extract from Beyond Life
No. 131 The Hair of Melicent
No. 132 The Happy Ending
No. 133 The Head of Misery
No. 134 Heart of Gold
No. 135 His Excellency, George Washington
No. 136 His Relics
No. 137 Homage to Colonel Esmond, Late of Castlewood-in-Virginia
No. 138 The Hour of Freydis
No. 139 The Housewife
No. 140 The Hunnicuts of Prince George, Pt. I
No. 140 The Hunnicuts of Prince George, Pt. II
No. 141 The Husbands' Comedy
No. 142 The Image of Sesphra
No. 143 In Justice to Jonah
No. 144 In Necessity's Mortar
No. 145 In Respect to Joseph Hergesheimer
No. 146 In the Second April Pt. I
No. 146 In the Second April Pt. II
No. 147 In the Summer of St. Martin
No. 148 In the Sylan's House
No. 149 In Ursula's Garden
No. 150 An Incarnation of Helen
No. 159 The Irresistable Ogle
No. 160 It is of Linda; Review of Linda Condon by Joseph Hergesheimer
No. 161 The Jewel Merchants: A One-Act Play
No. 162 The Journey
No. 163 The Judging of Jurgen
No. 164 Judith's Creed
No. 165 Kindly Omit Flowers
No. 166 Lady into Facts; A Review of David Garnett's Pocahontas
No. 167 Lament for Falstaff
No. 168 The Last Cry of Romance; A Review of Barren Ground, by Ellen Glasgow
No. 169 A Lecture for Dorothy
No. 171 A Letter to General Lee
No. 172 The Lineage of Lichfield Pt. I
No. 172 The Lineage of Lichfield Pt. II
No. 172 The Lineage of Lichfield Pt. III
No. 173 Literature and Life; An Extract from Beyond Life
No. 174 A Little More About Eve
No. 175 Love-Letters of Falstaff
No. 176 Mammon's Match
No. 178 Marlowe; Economist; An Extract from Beyond Life
No. 179 The Mathematics of Gonfal
No. 180 Minus One-Third; An Extract from The Author's Note to Smirt
No. 181 Mirror and Pigeons
No. 182 Mr. Cabell on Turtle-Meat and Broomsticks
No. 183 Mr. Cabell Replies, a Letter dated Apr. 24, 1921 concerning M. Hewlett's
Review of
Figures of Earth
No. 184 Mr. Dickens and Mr. Poe
No. 185 Mostly Meridional
No. 186 The Navarrese
No. 187 Near a Flag
No. 189 A Note as to Sinclair Lewis
No. 190 A Note on Alcoves
No. 192 A Note upon the Art of Being a Winter Resident
No. 193 Of Messer Marco Polo, Sixteen Years Old
No. 194 Of Reverting to Old Friendships
No. 195 Of Southern Ladies
No. 196 Of Witches; An Extract from Beyond Life
No. 197 Old Capulet's Daughter
No. 198 On Marriages; An Extract from Beyond Life
No. 199 On Realism
No. 201 On the Mercifulness of Being Vital
No. 202 Once More, the Immortals: A Review of Robert Nichols' Fantastica
No. 203 Paschalia: A Sonnet
No. 204 Personal; An Extract from Beyond Life
No. 205 The Pompadour
No. 206 Porcelain Cups
No. 207 Portrait of the Artist; Full Length
No. 208 Post Annos
No. 209 A Postscript
No. 210 Preferences; An Extract from Beyond Life
No. 211 Prehistorics
No. 212 Prince Fribble's Burial
No. 214 Pro Honoria
No. 215 Prose of a Pallbearer
No. 216 Quis Desiderio?; A Sonnet
No. 217 The Rat-Trap
No. 218 The Reactionary: An Extract from Beyond Life
No. 219 Realism; An Extract from Beyond Life
No. 220 Recipes for Writers
No. 221 Reflections for the Ninth of May
No. 222 Relative to My Grandmother
No. 224 Review of a Certain Measure
No. 225 The Rhyme to Porringer
No. 226 The Rivet in My Neck of Virginia
No. 227 Rogue's March: To A Flemish Air. Review of the Legend of the
Glorious Adventures of Tyl Ulenspiegel by Charles de Coster
No. 228 Romance and the Novel: An Essay Review of E.R. Eddison's
Mistress of Mistresses
No. 229 Romantics about Them
No. 230 Ruth Universal
No. 231 Sanctuary in Porcelain
No. 232 The Satraps
No. 233 The Scabbard
No. 234 The Scapegoats
No. 235 The Second Chance
No. 236 The Second Way; A Sonnet
No. 237 Sed risit Midas; A Sonnet
No. 238 Sense and Censors
No. 239 The Sestina
No. 240 The Shadowy Past
No. 241 Shaw, Voltaire, A Black Girl and God; An Essay Review of Bernard Shaw's
Adventures of the Black Girl in her Search for God
No. 242 Simon's Hour
No. 243 Slightly Symposial
No. 244 Soliloquy Before Printing
No. 245 Some Ladies and Jurgen
No. 246 Some Morals, from the French of Villon
No. 247 [Some] Objections to Branch Cabell
No. 248 The Soul of Mervisaunt
No. 249 The Story of Adhelmar
No. 250 The Story of Stella
No. 251 Study in Sincerity; an Extract from Special Delivery
No. 252 Sweet Adelais
No. 253 Symposium on Immortality
No. 254 Symposium on My Ideal Woman
No. 255 Symposium on Santa Claus
No. 256 Symposium on The Ten Dullest Writers
No. 257 Symposium upon Books I have Never Read
No. 258 The Taboo in Literature
No. 259 The Tenson
No. 260 They Buried Me Alive
No. 261 The Thin Queen of Elfhame
No. 262 Thomas and William Branch of Henrico and Some of Their Descendents
No. 263 To Ananias, Citizen of Jerusalem
No. 264 The Tragedy of Mr. Tarkington; Review of Booth Tarkington,
by Robert Cortes Holliday
No. 265 Two Sides of the Shielded, Review of the Old Dominion Edition of
The Works of Ellen Glasgow
No. 266 The Ultimate Master
No. 267 Ultra Crepidam, An Answer to R. Hughes' Literature and Life
No. 268 Vitality en Vogue
No. 269 The Wedding Jest
No. 270 What Saraïde Wanted
No. 271 Why I Wrote The High Place
No. 272 Why People Should Own and Read Books
No. 273 With a Copy of Jurgen
No. 274 A Word From James Branch Cabell
No. 275 Words of Caesar
No. 276 Writing Without Tears
*No. 277 Zoöpantoum: From the Ruritanian
*No. 278 (?) Cui Bono