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Paris: A Poem

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Par-D1 (A) Second Printing (Stand-alone) 2010








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Full Title:

Paris: A Poem


(Olympia, Washington), Pegana Press, 2010.


Folio, 11 ¼ in. x 9 ⅛ in. Coptic bound in very light blue card covers. Interior pages printed in blue on French white paper (see image above).


The third claimant to the title of second printing. This was the first time the poem was reprinted as a stand-alone publication. This version was letterprinted printed on French watercolor paper in an edition of seventy-five copies. Fifty of these were bound by Ars Obscura in blue cloth (see the bottom row of photos above; photos taken from the Pegana Press website). My copy is of one of eleven copies Coptic bound in card covers (the cheaper version). In addition to the poem itself, this edition includes Images of Paris and an Afterword by Mike Tortorello, owner of the Pegana Press. There are still copies of both versions available from the press, and it is a lovely book.

It's worth a visit to the Paris page on the Pegana Press Website. Not only is there an interesting discussion of the production of this edition, but there is also an audio track discussing Paris and its place in 20th century literature.