Hope Mirrlees: Bibliography


According to Michael Swanwick, Leaonard Woolf wanted to reprint Paris in 1949, but HM refused. Had she agreed, it would have made my task of designating a "second printing" so much simpler! As it is, I can see three printings that can arguably be said to have second printing status. Par-B1 (A) is the 1973 printing in Virginia Woolf Quarterly. It is arguably the "true" second printing, but this is a bowdlerized version revised by HM because of her religious scruples. Par-C1 (A) is the 2007 reprint in Gender and Modernism, edited by Bonnie Kime Scott. This is the first time the original text of the poem was reprinted. Finally, Par-D1 (A) is the 2010 reprint by the Pegana Press. This is the first time the poem was reprinted as a stand-alone publication, as it was in 1920. I haven't tried to decide priority between them, but instead have chosen to present all three in chronological order.