Bibliographies of Works by James Branch Cabell

JAMES BRANCH CABELL - A Bibliography of his
Writings, Biography, and Criticism, by Frances Joan Brewer

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F4 (A30)
First Printing 1957









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Title page recto: [in red] James Branch Cabell | [decorated rule in black] | [in black italic] A Bibliography of his Writings, | Biography and Criticism | [in red] BY | FRANCES JOAN BREWER | [in black italic] with a Foreword | BY | JAMES BRANCH CABELL | [Kalki logo] | UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA PRESS | CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA | 1957 (see image above).

Title page verso: All Rights Reserved | Bibliographical Society of the | University of Virginia | 1957 (see image above).


Charlottesville, Virginia: University of Virginia Press, 1957


Medium octavo [23.5 cm. (9¼ in.) x 15.9 cm. (6¼ in.)]; Pp. ii + 206; (i) half-title (verso blank); (1) title page; (2) publication data; (3) Contents (verso blank); (5)-(9) Forward by James Branch Cabell (verso blank); (10)-69 Part I - Books by James Branch Cabell (verso blank); (70)-72 Dedications; (73)-116 Part II - Contributions to Books and Magazines; (117)-150 Part III - Biography, Criticism; (151)-164 Chronology of Books and Contributions to Books and Magazines; (165)-182 Chronology of Biography and Criticism; (183)-184 Bibliographies of the Works of James Branch Cabell; (185)-206 Index


Quarter bound in green paper boards with brown cloth spine; paper label on spine; front cover blank; all edges trimmed. Spine label: [double rule] | [in red] CABELL | Bibliography | [rule] | Brewer | [rule] | [device of one red star] | Virginia | [double rule] (see image above).

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This title is Part I of a two part set published by the University of Virginia Press. Part II is titled JAMES BRANCH CABELL - A Bibliography Part II., Notes on the Cabell Collections at the University of Virginia, by Matthew J. Bruccoli (Hall F5).

Mr. Cabell was an active partner with Mrs. Brewer in producing this bibliography.