Bibliographies of Works by James Branch Cabell

JAMES BRANCH CABELL - A Bibliography Part II.
Notes on the Cabell Collections at the University of Virginia,
by Matthew J. Bruccoli

Hall Code
*F5-Special (A31)
First Printing 1957, author's binding


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Full Title:

Title page recto: JAMES BRANCH CABELL | [in italic] A Bibliography | PART II | [in red] Notes on the Cabell Collections | at the University of Virginia | by | MATTHEW J. BRUCCOLI | Kalki device | UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA PRESS | CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA | 1957 (see image above).

Title page verso: All rights reserved | Bibliographical Society | University of Virginia | 1957 (see image above).


University of Virginia Press: Charlottesville, Va., 1957.


Medium octavo [23.5 cm. (9 ¼ in.) x 15.9 cm. (6 ¼ in.)]; pp. 180; [1] half-title (verso blank); [3] title page; [4] publication data; [5] dedication(verso blank); [7-8] Table of Contents; [9]-13 Introduction (verso blank); [15] Fly-title (verso blank); [17]-178 text (last leaf blank).


Bound in brown cloth; black leather label on spine; front cover blank. Spine label: [all in gilt] [ rule] JAMES | BRANCH | CABELL | BIBLIOGRAPHY | [rule] |PART II | [rule] | BRUCCOLI | [rule] | 1957 | [rule] (see image above).



Dust jacket:

None issued.


Part II of a two part bibliography issued by The University of Virginia. Part I: James Branch Cabell - A Bilbiography of His Writings, Biography, and Criticism, Hall F4 (A31), was written by Frances Brewer (with significant uncredited collaboration from Mr. Cabell), and was published simultaneously with this volume.

This copy is a collector's curiosity only, of no real bibliographic value. It is the author's personal copy, from his library, and the binding is (presumably) a one-off. It is bound in the same brown cloth that was used for the spine of the standard hardbound issue, Hall F5. This copy was rebound from an example of the stapled, unbound issue, Hall *F5a. This can be seen from the holes left by removal of the staples, which are clearly visible in the gutters of the pages. A close collation has shown no author's marks or corrections.