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The Romaunt of Manuel Pig-Tender |
From the Quarto of 1559, by Thomas Horan

Hall Code
Presentation Copy (type 1) 1931


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frontispiecetitle rectonote







Full Title:

Title page recto: The Romaunt of | Manuel Pig-Tender | From the Quarto of 1559 | Edited by | Thomas Horan | with Alternative Readings Supplied by | James Branch Cabell | Frontispiece by Frank C. Papé | Postprandial Press | Dalton : Georgia | 1931 (see image above).

Title page verso: blank


Dalton Georgia; The Postprandial Press, 1931.


Duodecimo in wraps; 19.3 cm. (7.6 in.) x 12.7 cm. (5 in.); pp. (vi) + (10); (i) half-title; (ii) frontispiece; (iii) title page (verso blank); (v) Editor's Note (verso blank); (1-7) text, odd numbered pages Cantos I-Iv, even numbered pages blank; (9) Lenvoye (verso blank)


Buff wraps. Front cover: [in black on grey paper label] The Romaunt of | Manuel Pig-Tender | [in black on grey paper label: illustration of Manuel on his charger by Thomas Horan] (see image above).

Half-title / Limitation Page:

The Romaunt of | Manuel Pig-Tender | This first edition of the Romaunt | of Manuel Pig-Tender is limited to | ten copies. This is copy [in red over three dots] 00 (see image above).


[in black, on grey paper label] [a pen and ink drawing of Oriander the Swimmer, drawn for this publication by Frank C. Papé] | Fro Mimir and derke realms of pestilence, | Swam Oriander in his blinde presence (see image above).

The text is taken from from Canto Ii, lines 7 and 8, p. (3).


This copy is clearly an earlier form of the book than the other presentation copies we list as *E12b2, and is the same copy Hall describes as an "advance copy" with the frontispiece as a label. It resides in the Cabell Room at the James Branch Cabell Library, Virginia Commonwealth University. The scans were provided to The Silver Stallion by Ray Bonis, Senior Research Associate.