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The Mezentian Gate

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Mez-D1 (w) First Stand-alone Printing, Revised Text 2014









Full Title:

The Mezentian Gate


London, HarperCollinsPublishers, 2014


Large format paperback, 7¾ in. x 5⅛ in. Cover painting by John Howe (see note below). Spine: [lettered down] [in yellow] THE MEZENTIAN GATE [in white] E.R. Eddison [Harper Collins logo]. Front cover: [in yellow] THE | MEZENTIAN GATE | [left, in white] Book Three of the | Zimiamvia Trilogy [right, in yellow] GATE | [in yellow] EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY PAUL EDMUND THOMAS | E.R. Eddison | 'the greatest and most convincing writer | of invented worlds that I have read.' | J.R.R. TOLKIEN. Rear cover: [in yellow] THE CLASSIC EPIC TRILOGY | OF MAGICAL REALMS | [15 line blurb in two paragraphs] | [left] vignette of the four titles showing the complete Howe painting | [right side] [in white] 'The greatest high | fantasy of them all.' | ROBERT SILVERBERG | 'A grand fantasy adventure.' | PIERS ANTHONY | [in yellow] www.ereddison.co.uk | [block including UPC, bar code, price] (see image above).


The front cover shows the upper left quarter of a painting by John Howe. The remaining quarters of the painting are found on the front covers of the corresponding editions of (clockwise) The Worm Ouroboros, Mistress of Mistresses, and A Fish Dinner in Memison.

The Mezentian Gate was first reprinted in 1969, as part of the Ballantine Adult Fantasy series [Mez-B1 (w)]. That printing followed the text of the original 1958 printing, Mez-A1. In 1992, Dell published an omnibus edition of the trilogy titled Zimiamvia: A Trilogy [Zim-A1 (w)]. In that edition, the published text of The Mezentian Gate was supplemented with additional textual material discovered in Eddison's papers in the Bodleian Library. This edition is the first stand alone publication of the novel that includes the additional material.