Hope Mirrlees: Bibliography
Moods and Tensions: Seventeen Poems

SS Number Description
Poem-A1 First Printing 1963
Mood-A1 First Printing 196x
Mood-B1 Revised Printing 1976


Poems was a small, uncopyrighted chapbook of eight poems that Hope Mirrlees issued privately in Capetown, South Africa, in 1963. An unknown number of copies were printed, not for sale. A few years later she issued a revised version, again uncopyrighted, this time retitled Moods and Tensions. Funally, in 1976 the work was again revised and expanded. Now properly copyrighted, the new version was issued in a limited edition by Amate Press, Oxford, with a new subtitle, Seventeen Poems, and an introduction by Raymond Mortimer.

I have never seen any of these books. The information shown here comes from two sources: (1) Michael Swanwick's Hope-in-the-Mist: The Extraordinary Career & Mysterious Life of Hope Mirrlees, HM-A1; and (2) the 2011 publication of Hope Mirrlees' Collected Poems, CP-A1, edited by Dr. Sandeep Parmar. Thanks to this new title, all of the poems originally published in Poems and Moods and Tensions are once again available.